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PEXa EVOH Oxygen Barrier Pipe Production Line Delivery

Author: Hits:700 Date:2020-07-06

EVOH Oxygen Barrier Pipe Production Line

Two sets EVOH Oxygen barrier pipe production lines are delivred to domestic customer. PEXa EVOH pipes are 3 layers, PEXa / Adhesive / EVOH. PEXa EVOH pipe has a great flexiblity and perfect homogenization of the crosslinking. And also it is resistant to corrosion and chemical agents. It has an excellent thermo memory.

Produced Pipe Sizes:

16×2.0mm; 20×2.0mm;25×2.3mm;32×2.9mm;

With little modification, this line can also use to produce black ANTI-UV PEXa pipes.

PEXa outer coating or last layer is made of 3% carbon black, which give it its charateristic black color and makes it resistant to ultravoilent rays. Because this mateiral absorts ultraviolet rays, it do not  allow the crystallization or degradation of the pipeline over time.

Reference Pipe Production Line Pictures:

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